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We have puppies available!

Brûlée and Tekoa blessed us with a beautiful litter of ten puppies on October 11.
We are currently accepting deposits! Please see puppy photos below!

We have TWO puppies available! They are both female and have a gorgeous dark chocolate coat. We are surprised by their thick boning and short, square muzzles that are normally only this prominent in males. Both girls are sure to be eye catchers in adulthood not only because of their rich color but at this time they have proven to be mellow and sweet! They enjoy the cuddles of the kids are excited to meet their forever families!

If you’re interested, please fill out an application right away.

Puppies are chosen in the order deposits are received! If you would like to guarantee a puppy from Silver Platter Chocolate Labs, begin with an application. Once approved and all questions are answered we will provide you with a deposit form and our address to send your deposit!

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Curious to know what to expect for future litters? View our Planned Litters page!


Most of our puppies sell before they are born. If you are interested in getting a Silver Platter Chocolate or Silver Lab puppy, please fill out our application. If approved you will then need to send a deposit to hold your place for the next litter that has puppies available. Below are photos of past litters, not puppies currently available.

Our puppies go home at 8 weeks. 

They are vaccinated for canine distemper, adenovirus and parvovirus before they go to their new family. They are dewormed at 5 weeks with a 3 day series of Panacur. We perform a routine fecal exam on the litter at 7 weeks to determine if further deworming is needed before their departure date. They are also tested for giardia and coccidia at that time. Our puppies are weaned onto a raw food called Honest Kitchen (Force) as well as a high end puppy kibble beginning at 4 weeks. They are offered frozen, raw marrow bones and Red Barn bully sticks to help them begin healthy teething habits.

Our puppies are born in our home. 

We encourage natural whelping and although we are there comforting the mother and ready with emergency supplies, we find it crucial to allow the mother to whelp unassisted unless otherwise needed. We do allow our mamas to eat the placentas which we have found, makes healthier and stronger newborn puppies due to the added nutrition in mother’s milk. We do not remove dewclaws or crop tails. Around 3 weeks we alter the whelping pen to encourage the puppies to naturally build potty training habits. Around 4-5 weeks our puppies are moved to a covered outdoor enclosure so they will continue great potty training habits. They are brought inside, a few at a time, to spend a couple hours each day with the family. This helps them become familiar and comfortable with noises and smells from both inside and outside. Our puppies are very well balanced and adjusted by the time they come into your home!

Some of our past litters:

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