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Brûlée is a Chocolate Labrador with deep mahogany tones. She carries the silver dilute gene coming from her sire, Whiskey. She enjoys being with our large family but has a tender place in her heart for her owner, Melinda. She loves walking down to the vineyard and being content with a mild pace. She carries her blocky head and robust shoulders with the elegance of her mom. She has a soft heart and is eager to please.


Kona is a dark Chocolate Labrador that James chose from birth. James is the sixth boy born in our home and has bonded with Kona. Together they embark on adventures in the woods. Even though she has a blocky structure, she can put up a chase with the motorcycles and dune buggies! She is always up for a fun time with the boys and is a patient mother to her young puppies.

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